Peyote Blanket - Agua Fria
Close up of woven blanket with stripe design in royal blue, orange, teal, tan and black, with folded corner showing white fringed edge.
Peyote Blanket - Agua Fria

Peyote Blanket - Agua Fria

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Trippy colors, boho vibe. The Peyote is a tightly woven, durable blanket like our classic Falsa but with superzesty color combos!

  • approximately 56" x 74"
  • weight: 4 lbs.
  • washable cotton/acrylic blend
  • handwoven in India

Throw a Peyote over your couch, futon or bed, and keep one handy for beach, picnic, yoga, camping, festivals… wherever your next adventure takes you!

These heavy blankets are great for outdoor use; dirt and sand shake right off.

The Agua Fria colorway is deep ocean blue, turquoise and tan, with orange and black accents and white fringe. Review Medals