How do I care for my blanket?

All Blue Highways blankets are washable, and will get softer with use. We recommend gentle or delicate cycle, cold water only. Hang or lay flat to dry. May also be put in the dryer on low or no heat. Heat will damage the blanket. If you put your blanket in the dryer it will release quite a lot of lint, especially the first time. This is normal. There will also be some pilling with dryer use.
We love how our blankets grow more comfortably worn-in with washing and use! They may also be dry cleaned or just spot-cleaned.

How do I get rid of fold lines?

Your blanket may arrive with creases from being shipped folded. These will disappear with use. You can also use an iron on medium heat, steam setting, to iron out fold lines.

What is the difference between the Blue Highways blankets made in Mexico, and those made in India?

Both are beautiful! Both are an easy-care, durable cotton/acrylic blend.

Our blankets woven in India are tightly woven and heavyweight. Extra-durable for outdoor use and can really take a beating and still look great. They have minimal imperfections. Colors are typically consistent and true to photo (allowing for variation in your device’s display). These blankets are heavy enough to use as rugs in low-traffic areas and their weight makes them warmer than the typical Mexican blanket. Tight weave makes them especially resistant to dirt and stains.

Blankets woven in Mexico are a looser, softer weave. They have a definite handwoven look, with visible loop knots characteristic of a hand-loomed artisan weaving. They are a bit lighter weight and drape beautifully, making them perfect for bedcoverings, home decor and cozy cuddling. Mexican blankets are likely to vary slightly in color from pictures – each one is unique.

All our Mexican blankets are made from 100% recycled fibers. Clothing that would normally end up in landfills is shredded, cleaned, sorted and spun into yarn. The resulting yarn is durable, colorful, soft and washable, and makes a completely recycled product.

Choose according to your preference – country of origin is listed in the item description.

Having trouble deciding? I can help! Email tina@bluehighwaystrading.com or dm me on Instagram @bluehighwaystrading and I’ll help you choose the perfect blanket!

Do the blankets have a smell?

Our handwoven Mexican blankets do not have a smell.
Our blankets woven in India (Falsa, Peyote, Mojave and Rio Grande) arrive with a distinctive “Indian Blanket” aroma that most people find pleasant. It will disappear with washing or simply airing and use. If you are extremely sensitive to odors, we recommend that you choose one of our Mexican Blankets: the Diamond, Fish, Arrow and Solid blankets are all woven in Mexico from recycled fibers, and do not have a smell.

Which blankets are best for yoga?

The Diamond, Fish, Arrow, and Solid blankets are perfect as a bolster or soft mid-weight cover during Savasana, and are thicker than the typical cheap Mexican blanket.
Our Falsa, Peyote, and Rio Grande blankets are heavier than the typical yoga blanket, and work beautifully as a pad for sitting poses, larger bolster or warmer covering for Savasana.
The Mojave and Mesa blankets are our biggest, and make a generously sized, heavy weight yoga blanket. Folded in half, they easily cover a yoga mat to make a well-cushioned surface.

Are your products responsibly sourced?

Yes! I am committed to offering only responsibly-sourced items in the Blue Highways collection. I seek out fair-trade sources and work directly with artisans whenever possible.

Our Mexican blankets are produced in home workshops by artisans in Tlaxcala, Mexico, using 100% recycled fibers. We ship in minimal packaging.

I have other questions!

Just ask – email tina@bluehighwaystrading.com or dm me on Instagram @bluehighwaystrading. Every customer is important to me. Your purchase supports a small business, not a corporate giant, and I am here to personally make sure you are happy with your purchase. Thanks!