Are you one of us?
We’re adventurers, nomads, bohemians, dreamers.
Creative souls with wanderlust in our hearts.
We choose the back roads –
those narrow lines on the old maps, colored blue –
The roads less traveled, where the best treasures are found.
Hello and Welcome! I’m Tina Hedin.

Blue Highways Trading Company was born out of my love for bold color and sunshine, bohemian style and the craftsmanship of many cultures. I search the world for vibrant handwoven blankets, unique bags and treasures for your home and travels. 

Since 2017 I’ve been rolling in my vintage trailer shop, bringing the Blue Highways collection to outdoor markets and festivals and meeting my wonderful customers. I also have a little shop in Keene, NH, and of course you can explore and purchase here on the website.
I come from a family of creative entrepreneurs: three generations of artists and craftspeople. At 21, I started my first company – a fabric design studio. That’s when I developed an eye for design and an appreciation of good craftsmanship. I’ve been an artist, writer, adventurer… and spent years traveling the blue highways, finally landing here in New Hampshire.

One day in the spring of 2017, I was at my desk, thinking about how to grow this business. Looking out the window, I could see in our driveway a ramshackle travel trailer from the ’60’s. It wasn’t the first fixer-upper trailer we’d brought home. In fact, that obsession had begun years earlier, when we renovated an old Airstream, quit our jobs and took off across the country with our kid. That was the beginning of several years of nomadic living, traveling through America – and many more vintage trailer renovations.

As I sat looking out the window, I was picturing that dismal old trailer painted in orange and yellow and cobalt blue, the colors of Mexican Talavera tiles. I pictured it full of colorful handwoven blankets and bags from India and Mexico, baskets and pillows and special things from around the world.

I love when someone visits the Blue Highways trailer, comes inside and is transported back to happy childhood memories of camping, or is inspired to find their own little fixer-upper and take off across the country! So many people who stop by the shop say “this little trailer makes me happy!” and I love to see their smiles.

My customers are the best: you inspire me with your individual style, your enthusiasm to live your dreams, explore the world and connect with other cultures. Let’s enjoy the adventure!